Rejohn Media has the ability to showcase your brand to the users.We take your objectives as high priority and turn them into successful campaigns. Our aim is to drive quality users to engage better results. We ensure that every aspect of your campaign is to get successful starting from consulting and planning, until we achive the objective goal.

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Increase your revenue? We understand your inventory and your audience.Use the rich targeting features within the platform to target campaigns to optimize performance.

Industry High CPMs

Our optimization technology is designed to make the most out of your impressions by auctioning them off to 100+ demand partners.

Dedicated Account Managers

Get strategic and timely support from our multilingual account managers to ensure your success and growth. Your dedicated account manager will assist you at every step, from setting up your account to enhancing your performance. As a Rejohn Media Publisher, you have the full support and expertise of our Account Managers.

High Fill Rates

Benefit from high eCPM on all your international traffic and get the best payouts in the market. We Work With 100s of The Industries Top Companies


We provide ads for all devices, offering the following IAB standard ad sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 336x280, 160x600, 468x60, 320x50, 320x100, 300x600..

100% Brand-Safe Network

Our publishers earn up to 300% higher revenue compared to other networks. Higher revenue share and on time payouts.

About Us

About Us

Why Rejohn media?

Rejohn Media is fully integrated Digital advertising company. Be it Facebook,

Google,YouTube,Twitter, etc we play in all elements where people spend majority of their time on.We focus on the business of your brand and finds the ways to make people reach the goal. We have a team with professional campaign managers with vast experiences in digital marketing and social media, Display ads,Video, Mobile,App etc. We provide a dedicated campaign manager for each client to measure their results until the end of the campaign. Providing daily and weekly reports to end client and updating the status of the campaign.

We guarantee you to give performance results.

What Rejohn media exactly do?

  • We bring a brand image to your company.
  • Delivering genuine traffic to your website throughout the world.
  • Targeting to the relevent audience (Demography,Geo,etc) to get more ROI.
  • Delivering your ads to right users by using the tools like “Custom audience and lookalike”
  • Monitoring your fan page day by day to get better results.
  • Analysing every day stats.
  • Maximizing your video views through different platforms like facebook youtube,etc

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